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Do you have a teenager who could use an education in metal working. I offer three different 'classes'.

1--Basic Metalworking-- Your child can learn basic metalworking techniques, using various metal shears, a metal break to bend metal, shrinker/stretchers to create curves, and an English wheel to dome metal. Kids will create a sign with their name. They will take a black engraved nameplate, cut it to size. Take a 12 inch square of Aluminum and cut it to fit the provided frame. Then lay out a pattern to be shaped in the beadroller, afix their nameplate with rivets and do polishing techniques to add artistic flare. MAX TWO STUDENTS

2--CNC Programming/operation (One on one sessions only)-- We cover how CNC machines work, what is G-code and how does the machine use it to cut with precision. They will create a project that will use the CNC to engrave an image into metal. We will also cover cutting and milling tehcniques and tools.

3--Basic Welding operations (One on one sessions only) (AGE 15+)-- Your child will use proper safety equipment and actually weld steel using MiG and TiG methods. This 'class' may require two days depending on your childs ability to grasp the processes. We also suggest this class only if they have done the basic metal work class first.

Contact me to schedule the day your child would be available to come. Each 'class' will take 8 hours, we can divide it across multiple days if your schedule requires. Materials will be supplied and all safety equipment will be available. I will supply lunch from Subway if your child is here for the full day. Children need to wear jeans and closed shoes, no sandals/flipflops, no shorts. The classroom environment is A/C'd for summer months.

Fees are $20 an hour for any class times and I will do a $100 full day. Payment is required prior to the start of any sessions.