Welcome to Alini's Garage, incase you are confused you have arrived at our front door. 

I use a Mittler Brothers Beadroller to turn your ideas into three dimensional wall hangings.

You supply me with your concept or line art and I engrave and bend the metal to make the artwork pop. The process is quite simple;

1: Come up with the design you want, supply me with artwork or your conceptual thoughts

2: I produce artwork on the computer, either from scratch or clean up what you supply

3: I review with you the process I feel will be best to produce the best image. We will go over size and if engraving will add to the look

4: I generate the artwork on paper to show you the look you will get (if you didnt supply artwork)

5: I beadroll your image onto 3003 Aluminum .063 thick. I use the cleanest scratch free metal as possible

6: If your image requires hand engraving for detail or polishing I will do that, or give it to you as is and you can polish yourself

You do Not pay until you agree the image is what you wanted and the final product is to your liking. Prices start at $100.

I Supply a basic frame for hanging, so you get to hang your art immediately, if you want a rustic wooden frame, I can do that

To get started, contact me via email (chris@teamalini.com) with your ideas. I will respond as soon as possible and projects can take 1-2 to turn around depending on artwork

Here are some samples of the works I have done so far

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