1937 Truck


Since we Identified so many flaws with the truck we wanted to start with the bone basic info. What did we start with??


Well its not a Chevy 350 V8 as advertised, its a 305CID from a 79 Cutlass. Rated at 160hp


It has a Turbo350 Transmission, from 1971....not sure what it came out of.


It doesnt have the Ford 9" it was advertised with, its a Ford 8" with 2.79 gears from a 67 Fairlane we think


So where do I go from here, that is the question. I started disassembly and I'll save you the horror film. Carriage bolts used and tightened down into round holes. 1 inch thick fiberglass filler to fill a gap between the cab and the fenders. Numerous bolts in the fenders not installed. We are going to strip the front end down to the frame. Drop the suspension, remove the engine/trans and steering box. We will box the frame and install Independent Front Suspension with a 2 inch drop spindle and adjustable coil overs, because we dont now what factory height is but did find some specs online jacked the truck to that height to see how it sat. The front springs are so screwed up the wheels were off the ground. Once we get the IFS installed we will drop the engine and trans back in just so we can install engine mounts on the frame. So we can iron out the steering link and set up a power brake booster and dual can master cylinder under the floor. Once we get to that point we will evaluate where we are, how things are going and decide to rebuild the hardware we have or reboot the project and make it a more powerful truck.