1937 Truck


After completing out initial inspection we are amazed at the lack of quality the previous owners put into the build. THe lack of safety concerns and structural questions that have arisen. All of the things are fixable, but they should never had been put together this way to begin with. This isnt a knock at the seller, he got it from an estate sale and didnt touch it. These are all things from previous owners, I wont call them mechanics.


I'll start with the brakes, the set up is close to original and it scares me. The master cylinder is under the floor which just makes it harder to fill up, but they made the single brake line from it go UNDER the transmission. Right out in the open under the truck where it could get damaged. The brake line went to the Right side of the frame rail and then split front and rear at a T fitting. As it moved forward it made it into another T fitting and looped around to the right front tire, and also around the front of the truck to the left front tire which is two feet from the master cylinder. Note the 'Loop' is touching the exhaust pipe.



We then moved to the exhaust, now the seller told me it looked like a second grader put it together. Boy Howdy is it a fun one. Pipes not welded, pipes not welded correctly, pipes inside other pipes and pipes Crimped in clamps making them oval. I count the drivers side pipe to be 10 Pieces and the passenger side is 8 pieces



Then there is the wiring, hose routing and other lack of attention to detailed



Now to take our time and do it the way it should be