1937 Truck


We stripped the front and rear suspensions out of the frame. Removed the cab from the frame and started removing all the extra metal the Previous Owners installed and the factory suspension mounts since they are all being replaced. We are putting in a independent front suspension with adjustable shocks and disc brakes. Following that up with a Four link suspension set up in the rear on adjustable shocks and disc brakes


We know the cab has never been removed from the frame, the frame is bare metal and the rubber isolator is old 'rubber' material and the cab mounting hardware is square headed nuts and bolts.


The last example of why this all needed to be done. Note the top circle in the pic is RED paint over dirt. This truck was not red it was off white, so the red is a previous paint color used on the truck. The lower circle shows the white paint color oversprayed through the frame holes.....over the top of the red paint on dirt's So this truck saw two colors applied to it other than factory in its life and both were sprayed over dirt.....so lets clean it all the way down and start fresh with new parts.