1937 Truck


We will update this page during the tear down of the truck.


Fenders are removed, radiator and grill removed, steering shaft/gearbox removed, front brake lines and master cylinder removed. Floor panels removed and started trimming back wiring. We removed the crappy exhaust. I'll save the horror pics, its hillarious someone thought it was okay to be put together the way they did it. Pipes went from 1 7/8 to 2 1/4 throughout and not in an order. Pipes were crimped to fit inside other pipes and sleeves



We found even more crazy workmanship as we went. The brake master cylinder was supported by this 1/8 metal piece. It pretty much fell off into my hand. So the brake master cylinder wouldn't have been supported by anything and the brake pedal could have just fell, causing us to have no brakes



We also found the upper radiator hose was so loose it spun on the thermostat housing. When we remove the hose, we found a massive amount of corrosion. The inside of the intake once we removed the thermostat seems okay, so the thermostat just collected it all. We also found most of the front sheetmetal was attached using carriage bolts, but the holes they were mounted in were ROUND. Then as we whittled down to to suspension we noticed the front axle is not mounted square in the axle, as denoted by its position on the springs.



After removing the front suspension, we found all the shackle links and main bolts worn ALOT.


Now to take our time and do it the way it should be