The Riviera

Understand that I have never painted a car. I went out and bought a 60 Gallon air compressor and the spray equipment to do the job myself. It took me THREE tries to get it to this level. The first attempt I did a lousy job, there was no way the car was presentable. The second attempt while a nice try, I found too much wrong with it to be proud of. After some adjustments to the products I was using, applying lessons learned and hours of sanding removing the previous two attempts and getting the car lazer straight, I ended up with this. Now there are still flaws, small dents and dings that made it through the sanding processes or damage from the previous paint attempts. I think it rocks for a first time painter.

Tha paint laid nicely


We applied the clear and had alot of orange peel


But we applied alot of color sanding and polishing and we ended up with this so far, and we will get it even better. There is still some haziness that needs to be polished out.




How long have we been working on it??