The Truck interior mock up


The major repairs to the cab done we started working the controls. Fitting the steering, pedals, shifter and seats. We fitted a aftermarket tilt column And made plate to seal around the base of the column and pedals.

We then found an aluminum bomber seat kit on ebay. We hand drilled each hole and used copper rivets, which will match the exterior copper paint color we will be using.

The copper tags on the seat were made by hand. We used liver of sulphur to patina it and rivetted them to the back of the seat

We needed to engineer the brackets for the seats to sit on. We determined the height we needed and made a sketch, the mocked up the steel ensuring the were uniform. Welded them up and got them powdercoated to match the carpet so they blend in and not a detraction from the seat aluminum

Note the aluminum trim piece we made thats across the back of the cab covering the center rib.