The Riviera


With the dash painted, door panels carpet and headliner installed. The Vintage Air set up mounted and radio fitted in, the only thing left in the interior was the seats

This is what we started with, a blue vinyl seat that was dry and brittle.


We purchased the replacement upholstery material from Clarks Corvair. It comes all sewn up to orginal specs. We went to a local foam supplier, Galaxy Foam and got all the other materials we would need.


We stripped all the seats of their material. The seat material is held on with metal rods passing through pockets alone the edges, which get hog ringed to the seat frame


We then tore down all the foam and batting and removed the old burlap. The burlap keeps the springs from cutting into the foam. You can see why we replaced the foam, it was all broken up and dry.

We then cut a replacement piece of foam. The new foam was 2 inch thick and needed relief cuts for the new upholstery. The bucket inset is actually hooked along the seams to the frame.

A metal rod is enclosed in a pocket inside the seam and hog ringed through the foam to the springs of the frame. Then batting is installed to build up the bolsters on the sides.


Finally the edges are wrapped over the sides and hog ringed to the frame. Each pad took between two to three hours to complete.


We moved onto the seat back and assembled the seat


We moved to the rear seats, the lower rear seat has a built in arm rest, which required a little paint and reupholstering as well.


We installed new seatbelts (cant use blue seat belts in a tan interior) and mounted the seats and rear speaker grill

Interior Completed!


How long have we been working on it??