The Riviera


I purchased a replacement beige headliner and a Light Saddle Cut and Sewn carpet from Clark's Corvair. It arrived and looked awesome out of the box. The pockets for the suspension wires were sewn in very well. the overall width was alot, but better to have extra and cut it off. Here is a shot with one of the trim pieces, we painted a with Duplicolor vinyl and fabric Desert sand. Since its actually a fabric dye it finishes very soft. The carpet is cut and sewn to make the right shape to fit the overall humps and valleys. Its also backed with the right amount of insulation. Both the headliner and carpet came with extra pieces for either redoing your own sail panels or door panels.


We started with the headliner, suspending it from the roof with the original rods slid into the presewn pockets. Then starting in the front, stretch the material and secure it to the 'tack strip' thats mounted in the car. Then stretch it to the back and to the sides. You can see the large paper clip we used to hold it in place as the glue at the door openings dried. They supply the glue.


Once you have it secured to the track strips and the glue has dried. Install the plastic clips above the window opening and then install your metal trim pieces. Its a joy finding the screw holes. We then installed the replacement sail panels we got from Clarks as well.

I ended up with some wrinkles but hey, I did the work myself. So then we moved to the dash. I cleaned up all the black, removed the glass from the gauges and polished the chrome. I intended on doing a blue accent but as you can see in the pics, it just didnt work.

So off to the store I went and got the 'Dark Beige' Duplicolor vinyl and fabric paint. Its darker than the stuff we used on the headliner, just a tad lighter than the carpet. For some reason this carpet looks copper in the pictures.



So we moved on to the door panels. I was fortunate enough to have a fellow Riviera enthusiast GIVE me the metal frames for the wood inlay. Our original interior was called 'Standard', these look is known as 'Custom' I got my hands on some Sapele, an African wood that no one is going to have in their interior. It has an awesome copper pearlescent look to it.


I then had to redo the dash panels. Most people have Maple, Walnut or Mahogany for their wood. This Sapele is going to be a stand out.

We installed a Custom Autosound 630 radio. It looks original but has the all modern conviences. USB, CD changer, RCA input and output, AFM FM.


We polyurethaned the wood and installed all the pieces. Still need to get the AC system installed, but the look is amazing when you compare it to the garbage we started with


How long have we been working on it??