The Riviera

We removed the 10 body bolts, without alot of struggle. In fact the last two we went for, due to their lack of accessiblilty with the rear spring perch, came out by hand once we broke them loose.

The last step before frame/body seperation for us was removing the glass. We wanted to do this to lighten the body for lifting and for the piece of mind that the glass was safely removed. With the body being placed on stilts, we dont want to handle it anymore than we need to. I went and got a quote from a glass company to remove both windshield and rear glass for $125. Instead I went and bought the tools to do it myself for $27. The front windshield got a few chips along the lower edge but came out in about an hour and half and then the rear glass came out in under 30 minutes. The rear window was leaking, there were places the sealant had hardened and was not stuck to the glass or the frame. But as the pictures show. NO RUST. At this point our only major concern is with the repairability of the engine. The oil level is high, especially for an engine thats been sitting for 10+ years. Im afraid a water jacket has failed and there is water under the oil in the pan. But that will be the next step once we get the body off.

At this point in the build I have spent 48 hours of labor actually working on the car and have used $127.50 for various tools and such to do the work.


How long have we been working on it??