The Riviera


With the help of a few friends, who I will owe a ton of project time back to because this flippin body is flippin heavy. If you are gonna do this, you need more then 5 people. Trust me. Now the real fun can begin. Cleaning the frame, taking the driveline out and starting the replacement of parts. The garage is going to be configured this way until after the new year. The frame and driveline will be the focus of attention until complete.....then we will work on the flippin heavy body. Note, we didnt get the body away from the frame very far. I have enough room to work on the frame and I can wiggle the frame closer to the wall. The body just wasnt worth carrying anymore.

THANKS AGAIN TO THE FOLKS WHO HELPED......I'm gonna go crawl in the corner now and nurse my hernia.


How long have we been working on it??