The Riviera


With the body out of the way, now the fun starts. We are stripping down the driveline and getting the frame and suspension ready for rebuild. We had concerns about the engine. We were only able to initially turn it about 15-20 degrees and the oil level is high. We stripped down the top of the engine to check the cylinder walls and look for corrosion. As with the rest of the car so far.....we found none. In fact I was scared when I removed the drivers side head because coolant actually drained out. For a car to have been sitting for 10 years and the radiator being removed at sometime back, in the desert heat we would have thought it would have all evaporated out. The water was tinted green, so it has antifreeze in it, which I think was the major reason why the motor is doing well. The motor turns easily now with the heads off and the cylinder walls all look great. teh engine has been bored out before, we estimate it to be about a .040 cut. We'll have a better idea of everything once we ship it to James for the work. I wanted to check it all out before I spent the money shipping him an engine and find out that its garbage. The light color specs in the cylinders and intake ports is just dust from taking the car apart. I cant take anything apart with out desert dust getting everywhere. To date, we are 54 hours and $128.50 in parts/tools.

I did find a spring on the top of the engine (as seen in the first pic) now sure what it goes to, the throttle had a return spring on it.


How long have we been working on it??