The Riviera


I ordered all the door panel pieces from Clarks Corvair. The entire Riviera Community has done nothing but rave about them and their quality. Their price was better than half of what a company quoted me locally. The kit arrived today, and I had no idea what I was getting in this box. I ordered a 'complete door panel', rear arm rest, rear upper trim and kick panel pieces plus some extra material to cover the rear replacement package tray I got from Lee Sulis.

So this is what I got a box, actually card board folded over and taped.

We start with the main door panels. The material is glued partly to the board, the carpet is sewn on. The white area will actually fold over the edge once I put the nail strips on. The kit does not come with them, so check yours over. Im able to reuse mine. The cardboard is high quality and thick. Its perforated for all options, rear door handle, power window, power vent, remote mirror. Notice that the material really has no relief to it. This is for the 'Custom Interior' option and the upper portion of the panel is covered by a decorative frame and wood panel. I currently dont have that so I need to figure out what to do with mine.

I need to transfer the upper metal frame and I have a new window fuzzy scrapper. So some glue and trimming is ahead but I like how this is put together. It will be very easy to work with.

Next are the windlace strips and the kick panels. Again a nice cardboard is used. The holes of the front windlace lined up perfectly with the metal frame (I already have them installed). They made them long so you can trim them. The kickpanels are not covered, I ordered extra material and padding. I need to look at transfering the vent screen. They are rivetted to the original panels. The back edge of the kick panels fit into the metal frame of the front windlace, so if you are doing a color change like I am, you need to paint the metal frames before putting the windlace on.

Next is the rear arm rest. This material simply slips over the metal frame of the arm rest which is covered in padding. The sent me enough padding to replace the factory stuff but I found the factory pad I had was softer and may be usable. We will see more I go to install this. Once its slipped over the frame, its glued to the metal frame on the backside. Pretty straight forward install. You will need to cut the hole for the window switch if you have power windows. I took a close up of the stitching, very good work.

Here are the rear seat upper panels. From the top of the arm rest to the window. These are just like the front door panels just smaller scale. Again I dont have the trim pieces for the 'Custom Interior' so we will see what we do with them.

Here are some pics of the front windlace installed. The last pic shows the metal that is visible and needed to be painted. That is Clarks 'Cut and Sewn' carpet in Light saddle laying on the floor.


How long have we been working on it??