Chris - The Crew Chief



Chris is a retired Air Force Fighter Crew Chief. Learning most of his mechanical basics while living in Hawaii, he performed a custom paint on a few engines, he assisted with the custom installation of a Chevrolet 307 into a 1979 CJ5 Jeep. He performed regular maintenance on many types of vehicles, overhauled Mazda, BMW and Buick engines. He learned to do brake work, overhaul automatic transmissions and even assited with the rebuild of a Peterbuilt Cummings 6 cylinder engine. He enlisted in the Air Force in 1991. His first base out of Tech School was Upper Heyford in Oxfordshire England. He met Ali that summer and they were married within a few months. While stationed in England, he was working on rebuilding a 1979 Toyota Corolla but his reassignment to the states put that to a stop. When he arrived in Hampton Virginia in 1996 he started getting involved with car culbs and car shows. Winning numerous shows with a 1997 Pontiac Firebird and later a 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser. Each having custom touches all done by the team. In 2003 the team was relocated to Las Vegas Nevada, where it resides to this date. The 2001 PT Cruiser was traded in for the 2005 you see on these pages. Upon Chris' retirement a 2011 Camaro was added to the stable. Now in June of 2012 the Buick has taken up the garage for a complete rebuild.